Paulina + Sam


Trust us when we say, we've seen our fair share of head over heels newly engaged couples, but with these two lovebirds here, boy oh boy did the sparks fly! First let us start off by saying it's very rare that the groom is the one shopping for photographer's, so when Sam called us to book a surprise engagement session for his bride to be, we knew this was going to be special. He actually found us via our Instagram page (What What!! The power of social media) From the moment we met with them they were all smiles holding hands and over the top cute. Not to mention their outfit choice was perfect! We started our day in old town Lodi, CA. There's just something really romantic bout a stroll through an old historic downtown. The Steward Johnson statues were up all around town. With their 50's and 60's themes you couldn't help but think about all the people of the past who strolled those streets and what their love stories might have been like. Paulina & Sam were super easy going, the whole session was filled with fun, love and laughter. We're really excited to share some of their fun filled photos with you all. Drop us a comment and let us know what you think :)