Anna + David

Anna + David: Montery CA, Lover's Point

To be completely honest we don’t think there’s a place in California we love more than the Monterey/Carmel Peninsula. Monterey and Carmel take your romance to the next level just by being there. There totally must be something in that cool sea salt filled air. Like us, Anna and David have spent quite a bit of time in the area and when we found out Monterey was where David proposed, the engagement session location was locked in. How could we not go back to where all the magic happened when the magic happened in a place like Monterey. As you’ll soon see in their photos below, these two are so cute together. They have a way with each other that makes you just want to be near the love. We met up at Old Fisherman’s Wharf and started our photography journey at the iconic Monterey whale watching scopes. We took a nice stroll on the beach and ended the session at Lover’s Point. It was perfect, almost as perfect as these two are for each other. We simply can not wait to shoot their 10-10 wedding at the always amazing Brookside Country Club. Stay tuned for more amazing photos from these two lovebirds!