Melissa + Jordan


We absolutely fell in love with these two from the start. Melissa is impossible not to love... she's such a sweetheart. Although it was smoldering hot outside both Melissa and Jordan were great to work with. They never complained once as we escorted them all over their venue for photos (and trust us, yes we mean all over). We love the fact that they took our advice to heart and actually followed our planning guide (YAY that makes our hearts happy). They had a first look, her dress was ready on a nice hanger, her details were all in one place when we arrived, they were running on time, they chose a sunset ceremony time, their families were fun and dealt with our photography craziness with grace, not to mention how gorgeous of a couple they are, goodness it was just perfect. Their wedding took place in Lodi CA at the always beautiful Wine & Roses Hotel and Spa, the place is an absolute dream in the later summer months.  Check out some of their gorgeous sun kissed photos and leave them a big congrats below!!!

Mr & Mrs Photography talks about what to wear in family portraits (Stockton CA)

What to wear in your family holiday portraits 

Deciding what to wear in Family Pictures can be a grueling task. What colors to wear? How can you coordinate, but not be twinsie-matchy? Windie’s put together 3 fantastic tips to think about below.

1.) Pick Your Colors

It’s a great idea to pick 3 colors to work with as your colors scheme, then consider whites, blacks, and greys as your fillers. Not all of them together, but one or two that work with the 3 colors you've picked out.

2.) Decide Where The Colors Will Go & Who Will Be Wearing Them

If you have natural pairs in the family: Mom and Dad, brothers, sisters, Mom and baby, try to split up the colors, as they will often be standing next to or near each other. When families have babies, more than likely we know mom will want to be holding them sonaturally babies are paired with mom. So aim to not dress alike. Dad is another obvious pair for mom, so try to make sure Mom & Dad are also not “twinsie-matchy.” This part can get complicated, so do your best, then let it go! If there’s 4 or more people in your family, and you’ve selected 3 main colors, you don’t want all of those colors on top, nor all given to the people that are close in age, you wanna split them up. You want your colors to be weighed evenly (i.e. not all blue bottoms and all white tops). You can do this with shoes, skirts, and pants. There are so many more options now with those fun colorful jeans. You aren’t just investing in a photographer to make your family look good, but you're investing in the clothing to enhance your awesome family too. 

3.) It's The Small Things That Count

So last but not least, remember to accessorize your outfits. Cardigan, necklace, headband, scarf, button up shirt, tights, hats, ties etc. Layers & accessories add dimension, pizazz, fun, texture and therefore richness to the overall look. Check out some of the awesome outfit choices we found on Pinterest :)


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