Muriel + Toby

Muriel + toby: san francisco, ca embarcadero pier 14

I simply can not tell you how excited and happy we were to do this surprise photo session in San Francisco. It's not the most extravagant session we've shot, but it's the most real and candid which by far is my favorite. I had the pleasure and honor of being present (with my handy dandy camera) while my best friend proposed to the love of his life. You see the kind of friendship Toby and I have simply can't be expressed or explained in words. He is my brother and we share a deeper bond than blood or birth rights could have ever provided. We've been friends now for 23 years and counting...if you're one to do math that's saying he's been my best friend for 2/3 of my life. I am so overjoyed that he found a woman like Muriel to share his life with. Ok obviously she's beautiful. But she's also educated, funny, family and goal orientated, plus treats my best friend like a king. So needless to say when he told me he was popping the question and wanted some assistance in making it memorable, I was there without a doubt. When Muri set off for what she thought was just a planned date in the city, little did she know we would be playing paparazzi from a distance. I want you all to check out the joy and pure love shown in these photos below. If you know Toby and Muri and haven't told them yet please take a moment to give them a quick congratulations. Toby, Muri, we love you guys. Windie and I can not wait to share in the magic of what will be the best day of your lives. Hope you two enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them :) 

P.S. As much as I'd love to shoot your wedding, unfortunately you guys will have to find a wedding photographer. I already know I'll be at the alter with you and Windie will want an opportunity to just be a loving guest for once. (while eating cake of course) 

P.S.S. But you know we do have an awesome photo booth for rent. Which doesn't necessarily require us to operate ;)