Mayra + Sergio

Mayra + Sergio: Sacramento, CA William Land Park

As Stockton wedding photographers, we were so happy when this couple was willing to travel for their engagement session. This was our very last session before heading off on our much over due vacation and we wanted it to be special. Thankfully these lovebirds were a breath of fresh air to work with. These two and this location together, is a photographers dream. Mayra and Sergio make such a beautiful couple and their chemistry is magical to watch. From the very first photo we took, these guys nailed it. They were total naturals with the cameras. The session took place at Sacramento's William Land Park in the rock garden just before sunset. The setting was perfect and the subjects were just as perfect all the way down to their outfit choices. We had a great time capturing the love unfold right before our eyes. Check out some of their adorable engagement photos below.